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   Sarah Jennings

Costume Technician/Craftsperson/Puppeteer



PUPPET DESIGN:                                        Director:

The Hole in the Wall Cabaret (Spring 2005) Lucia Treasure Mobtown Theater

Seussical the Musical (Dec 2004) Will Crowther Pumpkin Theater

The Danube (Nov 2004)                                 Kathleen Amshoff                       Run of the Mill Theater

A Fortune in Antarctica (Oct 2003)                 Chris Patrick                                        Offstage Theatre


COSTUME DESIGN:                                    Director:

The Baltimore "Fun Guy"(Mar 2005) Nancy Haragan Baltimore Fun Guide

The Insect Club (Oct 2004)                            Ted Boelt                            Science Museum of Virginia

Les Blancs  (Feb 2004)                                  Clinton Johnston                 U.Va Department of Drama

The Night of the Iguana (Apr 2003)                 Jan Mason                           U.Va Department of Drama

The Pajama Game (Nov 2002)                       Bob Chapel                         U.Va Department of Drama

A Funny Thing Happened …(Nov 2002)         Davin Rosborough                             First Year Players


ASSISTANT COSTUME DESIGN:               Designer:

How to Succeed … (Jun 2003)                      Gweneth West                    Heritage Repertory Theater

Return to the Forbidden Planet (Jul 2003)      Gweneth West                    Heritage Repertory Theater


ASSISTANT CUTTER/DRAPER:                 Draper:

The House of Bernarda Alba  (Oct 2003)       Marcy Linton                        U.Va Department of Drama

The Way of the World (Nov 2003)                 Marcy Linton                        U.Va Department of Drama


CRAFTS ARTISAN                                        Designer:

Patience                                                          Merrily Murray-Walsh                    Glimmerglass Opera

La Fancuilla Del West                                    Constance Hoffman                      Glimmerglass Opera

Imeneo                                                            Doey Luthe                                    Glimmerglass Opera

Mines of Sulphur                                             John Conklin                                 Glimmerglass Opera

Elemental Dreams (Mar 2001) Shana Albery U.Va Department of Drama


STITCHER:                                                    Designer:

Lady Windermere’s Fan (Sept 2004)             Candice Donnelly                                       CenterStage

Cloud 9  (Jan 2001)                                        Shana Albery                                                   Live Arts 

Cabaret (Apr 2002)                                         Kathryn Rohe                     U.Va Department of Drama



Don Giovanni  (Jul 2003)                                Louisa Panou                             Operafestival Di Roma

Marriage of Figaro (Jul 2002)                          Louisa Panou                             Operafestival Di Roma

Agnes of God  (Feb 2001)                              Kate Porter                          U.Va Department of Drama

Elemental Dreams  (Mar 2001)                      Ryan Clardy                        U.Va Department of Drama

Alligator Mansion  (Mar 2001)                         Lea Ann Douglas                U.Va Department of Drama

Getting Out  (Apr 2001)                                   Lear DeBessonet                U.Va Department of Drama

Hair (Apr 2001)                                                Ryan Johnson                                    First Year Players

Grease  (Apr 2000)                                         Emily Newhouse                                First Year Players

Damn Yankees (Nov 2000)                            Lindsay Palmer                                  First Year Players

How to Succeed… (Nov 1999)                       Ryan Clardy                                       First Year Players

Once on this Island (Jun 1999)                       Mary Boelt                                                Dogwood Dell



WHOO TV – Founder and station manager of UVA’s television station, Fall 2000-Spring 2003      

UPC Short Courses: Stained Glass teacher, Spring 2001

U.Va Collection of Historic Dress: Exhibition Manager, 2002-2004

“The Circus in America” website: Project Manager, Fall 2003-Spring 2004


Special Skills: knitting, crochet, macramé, needle tatting, weaving, embroidery, beadwork,

puppet and mask construction, stained glass, basic welding and carpentry, scenic painting,

video recording and non-linear editing, computer skills, basic web design (html), museum display

Education B.A Drama from the University of Virginia



David Burdick                                      Gweneth West                                   Marcy Linton                                          

Costume Designer                             Costume Designer                             Costume Technician                         

dburdick@centerstage.org                 glw2r@virginia.edu                             mjl2f@virginia.edu                       

(410) 685-3200                                   (434) 924-8965                                   (434) 924-0700                    


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