Women’s Housing Coalition Website

Website Design and Build

Helping WHC

Women’s Housing Coalitions website was desperately old. The non-profit had just refreshed their brand, but didn’t have the ability to even update the logo anywhere except their facebook page. They needed a fresh look for their site that would inspire donors and volunteers, but would also be easy for non-technical people to update going forward. 

I designed and rebuilt their site and implemented a WYSIWYG tool which allows their team a ton of flexibility for updates. I integrated their donations and email marketing systems to help simplify their online tools, and created places to showcase the great work they are doing for our community. 



Worked with WHC Stakeholders to restructure the site and redesign to fit their new branding and colors

Installed wordpress and implemented the design, adapting template code to achieve the desired look. Installed and configured multiple plugins and integrations. 

Worked with clients to teach them how to maintain the site themselves going forward, including introducing tools such as Canva to allow them to easily create graphics

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