Rapid Prototyping 

Creative Direction, UX/UI, Strategy, and Leadership, Rapid Prototyping 

Can we innovate more efficiently?

When Millennial Media was acquired by AOL, I was chosen to head up a product innovation team. We met and reported on progress weekly with the entire executive team, and the projects we did as that team are some of the work I’m proudest of in my whole career. Our main job was pushing innovation throughout AOL, driving new ad products, as well as vetting ideas from the C-suite for business and technical viability. We worked within a rapid prototyping process to drive as much work as fast as possible. In short – it was just awesome.

Skills and Accomplishments

Building an Innovation Team 
Internally recruited talent from across the company. Mentored and managed designers, developers in the Rapid Prototyping process, as pioneered by Tom Chi. Developed framework to run design sprints within Agile framework while still obtaining constant client feedback. 

Validating Ideas
Rapidly built and tested multiple products for both usability and business potential. We built a lot of cool stuff, but I’m honestly most proud of the projects that we were able to prove SHOULDN’T be built, thus saving the company millions of dollars in lost effort. 


Delivering Results 

Provided weekly progress reports to Tim Armstrong, CEO and his executive team. In these meetings, we presented the results of our tests and research to help the company decide which innovative projects to invest in. We transitioned projects that made it past our team into the appropriate business units to get a final build out to scale.  


Sarah is an asset for any team looking to spark innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

– Jesse Leikin,  CoFounder of Tradeswell and EIR at Grit Capital

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