Kanye Nest – CHD NYC

Comedy Hack Day 2016 Project

Don’t let his head get too big

As part of Cultivated Wit’s Comedy Hack Day 2016, I worked with an esteemed team of weirdos to build one of the silliest digital things I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. The game “Kanye Nest” was born out of our attempt to build a game in 24 hours. The point of the game is to feed Kanye’s ego and creativity enough that he keeps creating awesome albums, but not so much that his head explodes. You can feed his ego and his creativity, and you can slap him to help bring him back down to earth. 

Not bad for 24 hours of work. 

More fun stuff about Kanye Nest

The game includes an AI Twitter feed (powered by Twilio) that we fed years of Kanye tweets. Every few seconds, it generates another pretend tweet in the style of Mr. West. It also includes MIDI music versions of some of his hits, and some appearances by the Kardashians. Ultimately, if you drop enough albums, you can help Kanye ascend to outer space, where he takes his place amongst the stars. 

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