Millennial Media

Creative Direction, Strategy, and Leadership 

Growing Mobile Advertising 

I spent a large portion of my career on the crazy ride that was Millennial Media. When I started there, I was the 30th employee, a designer to help actually build the ads that would be delivered by our network. I stayed through Millennial acquiring lots of companies, through the IPO, getting acquired ourselves, and multiple acquisitions after that.  I learned how to lead a worldwide creative team here, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Skills and Accomplishments

Designing and Building Ads
Initially joined Millennial Media as a designer. Over the years I built, developed, art directed and creative directed thousands of different ad concepts for countless brands. 

Technical Innovations

Concieved, designed, coded and built the first mobile interstitial ad ever. Managed the creation of the first voice enabled ad.  Participated in hackathons building several internal tools, and helped create a feedback loop from the sales teams to the developers to break down silos. 


Pre-Sales Program

Created the role of Pre-sales designer, built a team from scratch to help support the sellers land creative business. Created and maintained team tracking docs and managed day to day production of concepts that led to millions of dollars in closed business.  

Organizing Resources

Built and maintained a digital library of creative concepts (mock ups and live campaigns) which,  by the end of my time there, contained over 8000 different pieces in a searchable database.  Sellers had access to this resource to help them create pitches and win new business.  

Speaking and SME work

Was a champion for creative excellence throughout the company. Traveled extensively across the US and the world, speaking at agencies and companies about the possibilities in mobile creative. Created content (such as the video above) for internal learning systems.  

Examples of brands I’ve worked with:

… and hundreds more.


Sarah is an amazing, creative, collaborative team player; an energy-raiser and a client-inspirer.

– Alia Lamborghini,  VP, Industry lead at Verizon Media

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