Sarah Jennings

Designer / Builder / Innovator / Strategist / Maker / Prototyper  

Years in Digital


Happy Brands

I like to make…

I like to make cool things do cool things. Including but not limited to: Prototypes, websites, children, baked goods, graphics, collateral, puppets, hackathons, props/costumes, and pretty much anything else that comes my way that seems interesting.

I have over a decade of experience leading creative teams and making 

Selected Projects


Ebb and Flow Therapeutics

Developed logo and branding, designed and built site, implemented scheduling system

Women’s Housing Coalition

Designed and built site for non-profit using technology that would allow them to handle content management going forward 

FirstChoice Family Medicine

Developed logo and branding, designed and built site, devised and implemented subscription payment system


I simply have not seen better igniter of a spark in people – both externally and internally than Sarah.

– Paul Palmieri, Co-founder & General Partner Grit Capital

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