Sarah Jennings

Designer / Builder / Innovator / Strategist / Maker / Prototyper  

Years Experience


Happy Brands

I like to make…

I like to make cool things do cool things. Including but not limited to: Prototypes, websites, baked goods, graphics, collateral, puppets, hackathons, props/costumes and pretty much anything else that comes my way that seems interesting.

I have over a decade of experience leading creative teams, inspiring innovation and building digital killer products. I love solving problems through user centered design processes and I’m excited to see what we can make together.  

I can walk the walk…


  • Proficient in Digital, Graphic,  UX and Traditional design methods and practices
  • Adobe Suite
  • Sketch & Adobe XD
  • Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides
  • MA in Publications Design
  • Previous career in Theater (Costumes and Props)


  • HTML / CSS
  • WordPress
    • Divi Builder / Beaver Builder / Elementor
    • WooCommerce
    • Plugins & Integrations with other web services
  • Shopify / Hubspot sites
  • Enough PHP and Javascript to modify most templated systems


And I can talk the talk.


  • Design Thinking / Design Sprints
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
    • Paper / Wireframing
    • Invision & other digital prototyping tools
  • User Testing (digitally & in person)
  • Website / Platform Structuring
  • Startup Pitch Decks & Strategy
  • Testing ideas for business viability


  • Experience presenting to groups from 1 to 100 people on multiple continents
  • Adept at explaining complicated technical concepts to non-technical people, and vice versa
  • UX Design adjunct professor for Goucher MA Program
  • Engaging and dynamic speaker
  • Great at getting people excited

I simply have not seen better igniter of a spark in people – both externally and internally than Sarah.

– Paul Palmieri, Co-founder & General Partner Grit Capital


She’s never happy until units/landing pages, etc. are completely stunning and clients are thrilled. She has led the charge on rich media, video, etc. units. I miss her infectious personality and creatively-charged brain.

– #16 Business Insider – Most creative people in Mobile advertising

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